Is Buying Local “Loco”?

Who is crazy enough to buy local when online marketplaces offers low prices, free shipping and a guarantee? In an economy that big box retailers seem to dominate, we are slowly growing accustom to poorer customer service to save a dollar.  

We used to drive out of our way to buy local when it came to full service gas stations, for instance. It was convenient, plus gave drivers a sense of well-being when they drove away knowing their oil, water and tires were checked.  When is the last time a gas station attendant offered any knowledge about your car? If prices for gas had taken a dip when full service gas stations went awry, we might feel different, but what usually happens is the opposite.  The younger generation of service people across most industries appear to have an unbalanced sense of entitlement, making you feel guilty for asking for an extra side of ranch, double bagged groceries, or pushing the button so you can fill your own tires.

What is the difference in buying local then?  Aren’t those same bratty kids working at the specialty stores in your neighborhood? Not really. A family run business usually feels different from the moment you walk in the door.  The business owner is usually running the retail counter, walking the floor, or making the pizza. Their kids and relatives usually share the same pride of ownership as they learn a trade or business. It is the definition of the American dream that was brought to our country during its foundation.

Buy local! Make old fashioned customer service the new fashion by shopping with your neighbors. Bring a sense of pride into your own household by teaching your kids how to serve and help their friends. Who knows, they just may be crazy enough to open their own local store and build the local economy for their kids too!

Support Locally Owned Businesses

Many consumers fall prey to large corporate advertising campaigns and make their purchases based mainly on the impression that only businesses that have the money to advertise on a national level have quality products and services. This false impression makes it difficult for smaller locally owned businesses that present a very high quality product or service to compete and unfortunately sometimes stay in business at all.

What many people do not realize is that it takes millions of dollars every year to advertise on a national scale and that money in many cases comes at the price of inferior goods and services. Sadly, many people are wowed by certain companies because of image. It is all about presentation. We don’t see what goes on behind the scenes really, but only what we are presented with. Huge corporations profit millions of dollars and do not spend the money we have brought in to them back into our local stores and businesses. This is why so many businesses stores are struggling to keep their doors open.

It should be common sense that buying from locally owned businesses keeps more money in the local community and helps everyone from the business owners in the local community to the local buyers as well. In addition, a locally owned business is more likely to work with you and help you in hard times with refunds or correcting the prices because they want to earn and keep your business. Big corporate companies are far less likely to take in to consideration personal circumstances or special needs.

Many actual economic studies that have been conducted on purchasing products from locally owned businesses as opposed to large national corporate owned entities show that when you buy from an independent, locally owned business rather than a nationally owned business, significantly more of your money is used to make purchases from other local businesses and service providers.

Make a conscious decision to use your purchasing power to support locally owned businesses and service providers and you will help your entire local community and if you are a business owner yourself this practice will eventually benefit you as well.


Buy Local Experts is not just a name. We have gone to great lengths to put together a list of highly recognized business owners from our community. Our Buy Local Experts come from a wide background so as to provide you with the most reliable and trustworthy answers to any questions you have relating to your home, business, well-being, or even legal issues. When we put our experts together we looked for business owners that would be a reliable source of information and have extensive knowledge of their particular area of business service.

For our Service Experts, we look for businesses that have been around for awhile.  If they have been in business for 4 or 5 years, they must be doing something right. We then check their standing with the Better Business Bureau and with other sources of Internet reviews to determine if the business has a good standing in your community and how their peers feel about them. We also determine in they have the necessary training and education to provide your with the best answers when it comes to your home.

With our Legal Experts, we find attorneys in your community that are widely recognized and more importantly,  the primary attorney has a Board Certification within their area of expertise.  Each of our attorneys that have been classified as a Buy Local Legal Expert has a Board Certification or is in the process of obtaining the certification within that particular field of law.

Our Health & Wellness experts include a variety of doctors or health care providers that are here to provide medical information on a variety of topics ranging from marriage counseling to eye care and weight loss. Each of our Buy Local Health & Wellness Experts are highly trained in their respective fields. 

And finally our Business Experts are also local businesses that are classified as B2B businesses. Their business is to provide a service to other local business owners. A business owner is generally an expert in their field of service, but what happens when a business owner wants to start a Social Media campaign or they have new tax laws that come into effect at the beginning of the year.  When a plumber has to sit down and spend hours trying to figure out Social Media or hours putting his taxes together when his time could be better spent being a plumber. Our experts are here to answer those questions that may not be directly related to your business but are having an impact on your bottom line.

Our Buy Local Experts all have two things in common. They are from your community are they are experts in their fields of service, so when you have a question about your home, your health, your business or even a legal issue, our Buy Local Experts are here to help.